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Trailing Rosemary; Rosmarinus officinalis 'prostratus'

Trailing Rosemary; Rosmarinus officinalis 'prostratus'



Rosmarinus officinalis 'prostratus'

USDA Zones 8-11



- Groundcover

- 1' tall with 5' spread

- Blooms light blue/white flowers in spring

- Light: Full sun

- Water: moderate to low

- Cold weather tolerant


This trailing herb is similar to the rosemary we are all familiar with, except it trails/creeps, making it perfect for container gardening. It can grow to to 3’ tall with a 4-8’ spread. It works beautifully in raised or in-ground gardens as well. It has a broader growth habit then most rosemarys, making it an awesome ground cover. It’s also perfect for training up fences & rockeries. 


The aromatic stems & foliage are used for culinary applications & the beautiful light blue flowers are especially attractive to bees. 


Once established, Rosmarinus officinalis is a drought tolerant plant. In container gardens it pairs well with other perennial herbs & drought resistant plants. 


The key to growing this trailing rosemary is well drained soil. They are native to the dry areas of the Mediterranean, so they are highly susceptible to root rot if over watered. The plants can thrive in compacted soil once established, but younger plants prefer a looser soil. Allow the soil to dry out completely before watering again. 


Plant in an area that receives 6-8 hours of bright sunlight. It can be harder to grow inside, but if you do, make sure it’s in a window that receives bright light. When planted outdoors during colder months, cover the plant at night during cold snaps & it should survive light freezes. If the stems succumb to cold weather, trim them off & allow new growth to come from the base. 


You can trim the plant lightly to encourage branching or even train it over a structure for an appealing effect. This rosemary ground cover can be left to scramble over rocks & other surfaces to create an herb barrier & attractive living mulch. 


We will ship this plant with the soil it has been grown in opposed to bare root as we do with others. We have found this plant is more delicate than you would think as far as travel & replanting goes.* You will receive a plant of 1 gallon size without a pot.


*With that being said, if you have any trouble with your Trailing Rosemary (drying out, etc.) please contact us & we will do everything possible to rectify any situation.

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