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The Template ToolKit

Nourish your mind & garden with Horticult.

The Botanical Biography: Your Plant's Personal File

Individual Plant Profile

The Horticult Plant Profile Template offers a streamlined way to document essential plant details and care instructions, from naming to nurturing needs, suitable for both beginner and experienced gardeners. It's a complete guide to understanding and managing plant care effectively.

FloraFile: Your Personal Plant Care Companion

Plant Care Template [No. 01]

Image of a blank Plant Care Template [No. 01] featuring columns for symbols, categories, and summary notes to log detailed profile information and care instructions for plants.

The Horticult Plant Care Template [No. 01] offers an intuitive, symbol-based system for documenting detailed plant care, marrying visual ease with comprehensive coverage of care categories, from general info to specific growing tips. Its streamlined, one-page format is perfect for quick reference, making it an indispensable tool for gardeners of all levels to maintain healthy, thriving plants.

Nature's Notebook: Your Guide to Greenery Greatness

Plant Care Template [No. 02]

Page one of a detailed plant care template featuring sections for common name, botanical name, general information, light requirements, water, soil, temperature, humidity preferences, and more, with illustrative icons for easy reference.

The Horticult Plant Care Template [No. 02] is a comprehensive guide designed for meticulous documentation and care of your plants. It features an icon-driven interface for quick reference, spans a broad spectrum of care categories, and provides ample space for personalized notes, ensuring every plant's unique story is captured in detail. This template is the quintessence of Horticult's dedication to nurturing green thumbs and greenery alike.

The Maintenance Grid: Your Plant Care Playbook

Plant Care Tracker

Interactive Plant Maintenance Tracker with a key for coding maintenance events using user-selected colors, letters, numbers, or symbols, against a monthly calendar backdrop. Most common tasks are pre-filled with several blank options for personalized care steps.

Navigate your monthly plant maintenance with ease using our Plant Care Playbook. This user-friendly graph allows you to log and monitor various care tasks, serving both as a proactive tracker and a reflective tool for diagnosing plant issues or identifying times of robust growth.  

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