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Organic Soil Mixes Can Be Harmful To Your Plants If You're Not Careful -- Find Out Why ...

Did you know if you let organic soil dry out completely it will start to repel water & become very hard to re-wet?

If you don't rehydrate your soil properly, the water won't reach your plant's roots, causing your plant(s) to suffer.

Keep scrolling to find out how to prevent this from happening!

Once you have rehydrated the dried out soil, it will not turn hydrophobic again unless you let it dry out completely.

When Horticult does maintenance on containers for clients we water every container 3 times.

The first time is to get the top soil wet,

the second time allows for water to travel throughout the container,

& the final watering round saturates the soil.

We cannot stress the importance of checking the soil to make sure underneath the top soil has gotten wet!

If the weather in your area is anything like Atlanta's this season, you cannot count on the rain to keep your containers moist in between waterings.


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