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Cryptanthus 'Pink Star'

Cryptanthus 'Pink Star'



USDA Zones 8-11


Earth Stars are unique house plants that are perfect for adding a pop of color to your mix of plants! These Bromiliads are low maintenance plants & don’t need constant nurturing. These Earth Stars are perfect for table centerpieces or on your desk at work. They do well with all sorts of other plants & are such a beautiful & exotic looking plant that they make for excellent conversation starters. We suggest planting them with succulents or sansevierias. Their variegated foliage makes them striking to look at, even without flowers. 



LIGHT: Indoors: High Light

Cryptanthus ‘Pink Star’ needs a bright spot to live. They can take some direct sun on their leaves, so they’re perfect for dressing up a bland window sill. As a general rule, the brighter the light, the more colorful the plant. If your Earth Star starts to loose color & look a bit drab, move to an area where it can get more sunlight & watch as your plant begins to show deeper shades of color. 


WATERING: Low/medium water needs

Water your Earth Star just as the soil dries up again. They thrive in moist soil. With that being said, if you forget to water them time & time again, they’re forgiving & won’t particularly mind. Additionally, these guys like average to high humidity, making them perfect for terrariums. 



Air Purifier



You will recieve this plant in the nursery pot with as many stars as the 3.5" size has grown.

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