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Rosa's Blueberry Bush -3 gallon

Rosa's Blueberry Bush -3 gallon



Vaccinium darrowii 'Rosa's Blush'

USDA Zones: 7-10;  frost tolerant to 8a


Rosa's Blush is native to sandy areas, like pinelands & dunes, in counties along the Gulf Coast reaching as far west as Louisiana. Some grow the plant for it's stunning all-season purple, blue, & green foliage, while others grow it for it's sweet, edible berries. The shrub grows to be about 3-4' tall by 3" wide. In spring, the new foliage starts a bright pink color & as the season changes to summer the foliage turns to bluish green, finally changing to deeper reds & purples once fall approaches. During March, April, & May it blooms white/pink flowers. In early summer the small, blue-black berries will have ripened & are ready for harvest.


ATTRACTS BEES & BUTTERFLIES! Perfect for a pollinator garden. 


Drought tolerant.


INTERESTING FACT. Studies have shown that this variety of blueberry can self pollinate & set fruit on it's own, but studies also sho that there will be a sizeable increase in fruit set if another variety of blueberry is close by for cross pollination. To encourage this we have our 'Rosa's Bush' in a field next to other blueberry varieties, such as 'Patriot'.



Full sun, partial sun, partial shade



Well drained soil with ph 4-5.5; medium to dry or seasonally wet, to dry & sandy soil.




- Thick mulch will protect roots from winter cold in our climate 

- Although it thrives in full/partial sun, some protection is appreciated during winter months.

- This shrub doesn't like wet soils, urban pollution, or alkaline pH soils.


You will receive a 3 gallon size plant bare root without a pot.

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