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The Specs ✍︎ Rhipsalis 'Mistletoe Cactus'

If you're new to Horticult let me tell you about our favorite plant -- Rhipsalis! This is an information page that we put together for anyone who is interested in learning more about the incredible jungle succulent.

The information on this page applies to every variety of Rhipsalis. Although some types are vastly different in appearance, every variety requires the same type of maintenance.

Once you are familiar with the maintenance requirements, you can successfully collect & take care of all of the varieties!

Information Sheet on Rhipsalis

This information sheet is easily downloadable & printable!

If you are sending Rhipsalis as a gift or receiving a plant yourself & would like us to print out & include this page with your order let us know!

You can contact us through the chat feature of the site or through email --


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